Australian Indigenous Business Services

Working with Indigenous organisations across Australia

Australian Indigenous Business Services (AIBS) specialise in working with Indigenous organisations across Australia to provide advice, information and direction on a range of strategic and functional measures. These include:

  • Strategic planning;

  • Financial administration;

  • Governance and management training;

  • Legislative compliance; and

  • Contractual compliance.

AIBS was initially founded to close the gap in Aboriginal primary health care organisations. It has since expanded, and now offers a variety of tailored services that assist all Indigenous businesses and organisations.


AIBS are industry leaders in working with Aboriginal communities, and we pride ourselves on maintaining cultural sensitivity throughout all stages of a project. AIBS employs a unique “inside-out” approach, which involves team members working closely with an organisation to identify issues and achieve results.

The AIBS team is highly experienced and comprised of qualified professionals of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds. We understand the constraints an Indigenous organisation can experience, and offer over two decades of experience in project management and Aboriginal community expertise.

AIBS endeavours to deliver assistance that enables Indigenous organisations to

  • Build sustainability.

  • Maintain accountability.

  • Meet legislative requirements.

About AIBS

AIBS’s original purpose was to meet an identified gap in Aboriginal primary health care organisations. Our services have since expanded, and we now offer a diverse range of services to a wider market that includes all Aboriginal community controlled organisations.

AIBS have a long standing and successful history of helping Aboriginal communities. We work to ensure Indigenous organisations deliver the services intended, remain sustainable and meet the needs of Indigenous communities. AIBS has assisted organisations with:

  • Accounting;

  • Financial compliance;

  • Community governance, (including ethics, probity and corporate governance);

  • Legislative compliance;

  • Capacity;

  • Strategic advice; and

  • Financial, governance, administrative and managerial processes.


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