Company History/Values

AIBS Pty Ltd is a versatile Indigenous company established in 1988 with a vision to enhance the well-being and prospects of individuals facing disadvantage in rural and remote Australian Aboriginal communities. Initially focusing on grassroots community improvement, AIBS evolved and became an incorporated entity in 2004. Along the way, the company identified a recurring issue: gaps in service delivery to rural and remote areas, particularly in project management, business advisory, infrastructure planning and construction, education, health, and community development.

AIBS has a strong history of financial modeling and project management, collaborating effectively with both government entities and private sector corporations. They are known for their adaptability in addressing complex project management challenges at the community level. AIBS currently partners with various small to medium enterprises, many of which are Indigenous-owned.

The AIBS team boasts a diverse skill set, encompassing different sectors and industries. Team members range from vocational experts to individuals holding advanced academic degrees and industry certifications.

AIBS specializes in construction, building, community development, and health infrastructure maintenance. Their national engagement efforts revealed a demand for pragmatic service providers willing to work closely with communities and businesses. AIBS aims to be the trusted “Turn Key” project manager, delivering projects efficiently, within budget, and upholding nationally recognized quality standards.

AIBS remains committed to delivering exceptional service, striving to lead in quality outcomes for construction, building, community development, and infrastructure maintenance projects.

Our Company Values - Yindyamarra

Coming from the Wiradjuri tribal teaching Yindyamarra and is gifted to us from our ancestors:

Yindyamarra is our way of life, it’s our traditional doctrine that guides how we treat people and do business. “As broadly translated” key Yindyamarra obligations are:

  • Show Respect – to everyone regardless of circumstances.
  • Be Gentle – be aware that our actions may/will affect others.
  • Be Polite – consider our words and ensure we do not intentionally offend others.
  • Act with Honour – accept responsibility, must be fair – must be the truth – actions must be supported by facts.
  • Go Slowly – must be culturally appropriate, make sure everyone is included and they understand why and how.
  • “Mawang” – we are all in it together and it must be good for our community.

Through Yindyamarra, AIBS philosophy encapsulates promoting sustainability, individual wealth, and opportunities for the AIBS shareholders, employees, and the indigenous population.

We aim to empower our teams through education, training, and development in various trades and disciplines, with the view of changing economic dependence on others such as social services support to earning income through meaningful, full-time jobs.