Our Company History

AIBS Pty Ltd is a flexible and multi skilled Indigenous company whose story started in 1988 when the founders were inspired to work in rural and remote Australian Aboriginal communities to help improve the lives, health and prosperity of people experiencing disadvantage and living in lower socioeconomic conditions.

Following a decade of experience working in and around Aboriginal and mainstream communities across Australia, AIBS became an incorporated entity in 2004. Over this period AIBS saw changes in policy, priority and service delivery and identified a common theme of gaps in service delivery to rural and remote communities in relation to contractors providing quality services across the board including project management, business advisory, infrastructure planning in construction, education, health and community development sectors.

AIBS has a solid track record in financial modelling and process project management. AIBS has worked collaboratively and successfully with the highest levels of government and are comfortable working with private sector corporate entities. AIBS flexibly adapts to the frontline needs of the community, often being called on to problem solve complex project management matters. AIBS currently works with several diverse small to medium enterprises many of whom are Indigenous owned and operated.

Our team members have a broad intersectoral and cross industry skills base. The team are experienced, respected professionals that range from being vocationally trained to holding high-level academic degrees and multiple industry qualifications.

AIBS specialises in the areas of construction, building, community development, and health infrastructure maintenance. Through our national engagement process, we identified there was a need for pragmatic, service focused providers who were willing to partner and grow with the community and the business sector. Our aim is to take on the role of trusted “Turn Key” project managers to deliver worthwhile projects, on time, on budget and within nationally recognised and standardised quality frameworks.

AIBS strives to maintain exceptional levels of service to our customers. We aim to be at the forefront of delivering quality outcomes in construction, building, community development, and infrastructure maintenance projects.

What We Do

AIBS provides construction, building, community development, and infrastructure maintenance services to a broad range of small to medium enterprises. We engage exceptional employees and subcontractors that are care focused, loyal, honest and enjoy a challenge.

Our Clients

AIBS works with many businesses across a variety of industries, we are proud to say that we have undertaken over 200 projects since inception, and we have worked in every state of Australia. Additionally, we have completed work in Canada and the USA.